IT Architecture

We specialise in IT Architecture for small to large programmes of work. Good Architecture allows a system to accomodate change and to scale as a business evolves over time. Our Architecture capabilities include:


Programme Architecture

  • Defining Enterprise Architectures and Roadmaps to facilitate business transformation
  • Governance and Technical Design Authority
  • Ownership and management of technical risks


Solution Architecture

  • Design of an end-to-end solution
  • Analysis, proof of concepts and tendering for significant supplier or technology engagements
  • Enabling cross-architecture discipline communication – e.g. Enterprise, Business, Data, Integration & Security
  • Supporting the complete software development and delivery model

Business Management

A well managed business not only understands how things are currently functioning and performing, but has the vision, strategy and eagerness to pursue new opportunities to evolve and develop a sustainable and profitable business model. Our Business Management capabilities include:


Programme Management Office

  • Want to understand your existing operational costs, forecast future resource, budget or expenditure? We have the skills and expertise to help, allowing you to achieve long term efficiency and productivity gains.

Transformation Management

  • Is your business undergoing significant change or transformation? We can help you navigate all aspects of transformation, including organisational structure, ways of working and how technology is used.

Business Analysis

  • Analysis of organisation or business domains
  • Requirements elicitation, including interviews, workshops, surveys and process mapping
  • Documentation of business requirements
  • User needs evaluations